New Firmware & Software Update – (Mi-Witness HD)

We have just released some new firmware and software updates.

Mi-Witness Firmware:

Revised options for Bit Rate (video Quality)

1) Low (4mbps) , Normal (6mbps) , High (8mbps) , Super (10 mbps)

2) Option to disable all voice commands for start up and modes.

3) Other small bug fixes


Software for Mac & Pc

1) New settings interface for the video quality options

2) Options for voice guides.

See new settings in the screen shots below:

Mi-witness settings screenMi-witness settings screen


* The new software and firmware is available to download in the Mi Registration area. You will need to register first if you have not done already.

* you will need to install the new firmware on the unit & reinstall the new Mac or Pc software on your computer for the new features to work correctly