Haigh Transport fits forward facing cameras to tackle road incidents

by TTWpartners

Haigh Transport fits forward facing cameras to tackle road incidents
17 September 2013

installs Mi-Witness cameras

installs Mi-Witness cameras

Haigh Transport has fitted MI Witness forward-facing cameras to its trucks, following successful trials with a system supplied by Aide Automotive.

The Ellerton, near York, based haulier says that road incidents and cash-for-crash have become increasing concerns so installing incident cameras, to protect against criminals and improve insurance claim evidence, made perfect sense. 

”I think on-board camera systems will be a must for haulage operators in the coming years,” comments Tony Haigh, of Haigh Transport. 

”We had an incident in Nottingham, which I believe was a cash-for-crash, but, without any evidence, it is hard to prove,” he continues. 

”I first looked at low-cost flip-down cameras about a year ago, and following testing concluded the camera to be of low quality. Aide Automotive presented a range of cameras suitable for our needs so we progressed with a trial of the MI Witness camera.” 

Haigh says that once the footage was reviewed he had no hesitation in placing an order to cover the fleet. 

”Camera technology is an ideal way for me, as the director of our company, to see what exactly happened with a road incident. I would recommend the MI Witness camera to any vehicle operator.”

Brian Tinham

In Vehicle Cameras Can Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium & Speed Up Claims

by TTWpartners

The NEW MI Witness HD camera can reduce your car insurance premium and will speed up your insurance claim.

Car insurance fraud is on the increase, Cash for Crash as it is known, can affect anybody and more and more resources are being channeled into investigating insurance fraud. There are several dedicated authorities such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau, even the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have set up a frauds database.

With the advent of in vehicle camera systems motorists have never been better protected and honest motorists can now fight back with a vengeance. In any vehicle crash, there is a risk that third parties will either incorrectly recall or deliberately attempt to misrepresent what actually happened and this can be easily countered if you have video footage of the accident.

Video evidence from the MI Witness can assist your car insurance company to process your claim more efficiently and it prevents a stand off scenario whereby your insurer and that of the other driver are unable to agree which party was at fault.

Private individuals, especially young drivers where premiums can be high, can benefit financially via lowered premiums. Fleet vehicles are good candidates for this kind of protection given their high annual mileage.

It has always been logical for car insurance companies to support the use of in-car cameras as the video evidence will help to settle a claim quickly and more cost-effectively but until recently the only insurance companies that embraced this technology were insurers of fleet vehicles such as HGVs.