Witness / Dash Cams & The Law

Is it ok to film people on the road without their knowing?
There’s no invasion of privacy if you are filming in a public place, so using a dashcam on the road is perfectly legal.

Is the footage admissible in a court of law?
Yes. But you should resist, say, uploading the accident footage to You Tube because if the incident subsequently became the subject of litigation, that might affect the outcome of the case.

What will happen if i have to use a video as evidence?

The person who was present when the video was taken will have to come to court to be questioned about how it was made and to confirm it hasn’t been tampered with. In practice, videos can provide vital evidence when working out exactly what happened in an accident. We often see cases where the existence of a good video helps brings about an early settlement.

Can my own dashcam footage be used against me as evidence?

The court requires the parties involved in litigation to produce all evidence in their possession, whether favourable to their claim or not. A dashcam video that indicates you were at fault certainly could be used by the other party against you. If you delete the video an adverse inference could be dran from that act.

Ref from Sunday Times – Driving article
Susan Brown, director at city law firm prolegal